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Our role as a leading event services provider is to help event planners and brands communicate their message in a way that resonates with their audience. That's why we've developed a broad range of virtual event solutions, from basic Webinars, to interactive virtual meetings and fully customisable Webcasts. The Encore difference is a tailor-made solution for your specific needs, supported by a trusted event production and technical team to guide you every step of the way.

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Whilst virtual events will never replace face-to-face, we need to adapt to new ways of moving forward during this time. This is how Encore is helping brands adapt and grow.

Video Conferencing for Events

Meet or present from anywhere at anytime with Encore Connect

Bringing you our latest video conferencing solution so you can meet or present from anywhere at anytime. Encore Connect is built on one of the world’s most reliable and trusted video conferencing platforms, allowing you to turn regular meetings into online huddle spaces, as well as beaming in presenters into your live events so they can present from anywhere in the world. Encore Connect enables two-way communication between parties involved such as a presenter and their audience as well as between meeting attendees. The platform is designed to allow real-time conversations to enable you to meet from anywhere, at anytime.


Live Streaming for Events

An award-winning event platform that let's you deliver an engaging and interactive virtual experience.

Chime Live is the closest thing to a live event. When you need to combine high-quality video streaming with interactive attendee capabilities you need Chime Live.

Chime Live can help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event. At home, at work or at the venue, Chime Live connects everyone via live stream, enabling you to carry on with keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned. The multi-feature web-based platform includes everything from live and recorded video, agenda, speaker bios, sponsor recognition, networking and chat between attendees, audience polling, live Q & A and so much more. Deliver a virtual event that's engaging, transformative and insightful whilst supported by Encore's team of digital experts.


Virtual Event Webinar Platform

Deliver a professional virtual webinar that's easy to use and supported by Encore's team of experts.

Our Managed Webinar solution provides a professional platform for presenting to your audience and comes with a range of helpful features and capabilities. With Managed Webinar, your presenters can share presentations and videos with others at the push of a button. No matter the occasion or need, Encore’s team of experts is ready to assist you in coordinating your virtual webinars.


Customisable webcasting platform

Host a professional event online with our sophisticated Webcasting platform

Take your event online with our most sophisticated Webcasting solution so your event can be everywhere at once. Aside from the obvious benefit of overcoming time and distance factors, professional webcasting provide many lucrative benefits such as selling live or on-demand, sponsorship opportunities, integration with engagement solutions like Event Poll and fully hosted environments for the best branded experience online.

Encore use leading edge equipment and cloud-based technology to make sure everything runs smoothly. As for how it looks, we build a page that appears like a seamless extension of your website.


Contactless Check-In for Events

The safe, secure and fast way to manage attendee registrations for in-person events

Check-in and out is a vital part of understanding who has attended your events and ensuring they can be traced. Encore’s contactless system uses simple QR code scanning and is safe, simple and fast making sure there is no need to queue. Encore offers both Self Check-In via ePosters or Concierge Check-In where a team member will assist with registering attendees via an iPad.


Event Backdrop for Gala Dinners

Easily manage and organise large numbers of presentations and event content with Content1 Virtual.

Content1 Virtual provides event professionals with a simple and convenient way to store and manage numerous presentations and content for large events. Content1 Virtual delivers a vibrant web presence to virtual attendees, provides speakers with a platform to share their content, and offers presenters the ability to record audio tracks for both presentations and posters that help bring their content to life. The Content1 platform makes it easy to organise and deliver your event’s content whether it is live or on-demand.


Online Event Polling Event Poll

Get real-time engagement and interaction with attendees or speakers no matter where they are located with Event Poll

Event Poll is our award-winning live polling platform designed specifically for events. It lets you ask questions and receive responses in real-time which then get displayed on screen for all to see.  The best part is you can capture all of their responses to help formulate, research and share ideas with valid data from your event.


Social Media Wall for Events

Amplify your event’s reach and engagement with our dedicated social media platform Event Feed

Extend the impact and influence of your event outside the venue walls with Event Feed. Guests capturing and sharing their favourite moments, keynote insights, or award wins via their social channels, enables your event to engage a world-wide audience.


Event App Cumulus

Enjoy the convenience of easy access to all event information at any time, everywhere you go with Cumulus

Ensure attendees have the latest event information with our dedicated event app – Cumulus. Use it to publicise your agenda, share key meeting information, topics, presentation details and speaker bios. Packed with 10 useful integrations and features it is a must-have app for any event planner wanting to instant and convenient sharing of information with all attendees - who wouldn't want that?


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