Create the ultimate visual experience for event

Immerse your guests the moment they step through the door with impressive visual displays using Encore's range of Hex Panels, Digital Banners and Widescreens.

Digital Banners for Conference Set Design

Re-imagining stage sets with Hex Panels, dynamic
Digital Banners and Widescreens

Provide a feast for the eyes with elaborate digital projections

With the use of our Hex Panels, Digital Banners and Widescreens, Encore will create striking stage backdrops and themed content projections that go above and beyond your guests’ expectations. Start to re-imagine showcasing your multimedia content, because digital projection will truly lift your messaging and image concepts to a whole new level.

Hex Panels

Set Design using Hex Panels: New Angles, New Perspective

Create an interlocking stage set for an impressive delivery of your visual content

Encore's hexagonal panels are the latest trend in set design. The genius in its design lies in our ability to seamlessly project across the entire set and blend different content onto individual panels concurrently. This flexibility in content projection makes this the perfect set design element for corporate events and conferences through to gala dinners and awards nights.

They’re also ideal for sponsor loops, corporate branding, backdrops, projections via multiple screens, and static graphic or animated content.

Digital Banners for Gala Dinners

Set Design using Digital Banners

Digital Banners are a unique way of screen configuration.

Encore can create masterpieces through split screening, and designing displays that are truly distinctive. By blending digital banners into the stage set design or displaying them along the venue walls, we can truly encompass your event’s theme and messaging.

They’re ideal for sponsor loops, corporate branding, backdrops, projections via multiple screens, and static graphic or animated content.

Widescreens for corporate events

Set Design using Widescreens

Create a living landscape with Widescreens

Widescreens can take your event beyond its four walls; they’re large canvases which transport guests to a flourishing garden, to a football stadium, to a casino. Add a cinematic experience to your stage set design for maximum impact, and ensure your content is displayed the best way possible. Whichever theme you decide, from elaborate to simple – Widescreens can encapsulate every element via visual projections.

Digital Banners and Widescreens

Combining Digital Banners &
Widescreens for maximum impact

Get the best of both for your event.

Digital Banners and Widescreens go hand-in-hand perfectly. The flexibility in screen configuration combined with our custom projection means we can achieve the best digital displays for your event. Encore's event directors and AV technicians will design your event, to ensure your message is delivered with the most impact.

Leaders in set design

Partner with the audio visual
and leading event experts

Let Encore's expert production team design a flourishing digital display

Our experienced team of designers and AV technicians will work together to enhance your event’s layout by providing remarkable projection displays. Through Digital Banners and Widescreens, we can present your message through imaginative and contemporary ways.

With Encore, you’ll never walk alone. We’ll be by your side from developing your idea, right down to last minute changes on show day. This mind-set is what helps us achieve our proven track record for producing unforgettable brand experiences, what sets us apart from other audio visual providers.

Find out how we turn every event into an extraordinary experience.

We love events.

We love events.
With over 30 years in the industry, we’re the most trusted team in Australasia with the largest range of event services.

We’re local, wherever you are.

We’re local, wherever you are.
With more than 100 locations and 750 staff, we’re ready to take on any event.

Creativity is in our DNA.

Creativity is in our DNA.
From AV to styling, our experts bring your vision to life, leaving you with a tailored solution and great experience.

Our happy clients

From concept to completion this complex event was delivered seamlessly by a team of true professionals.

Kelli Martin
Marketing Manager – Brand & Communication, Recall

This was quite the smoothest operation I have seen ... all the technicians did their bit faultlessly

Judy Lane
Conference Director, International Bar Association

The event was just awesome and your team is by far the most professional AV team I’ve worked with! Thank you for all of your help in the lead up as well.

Laura Burnham
Group Account Director – Events, Willett Marketing

Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) professionalism and creativity is outstanding. Everyone is great to deal with and always accommodating. Our events are everything that is expected and MORE...

Aleeta MiCallef
Chairperson, AUSSTAR Events Team

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